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A Quick Guide to Properly Choosing Appropriate Church Pews for Sale

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Early Christian churches did not have pews; instead, people only stood and were allowed to walk around and socialize with other church goers. Church pews were first introduced in the 13th century, however, it was only after the Protestant Reformation in 1517 when church services began to concentrate on the sermon rather than on interaction among church members. This is why church pews were popularized as part of church architecture and replaced stone seats with wooden benches.

A article published last August 26 discussed a local church buying an old movie theater (formerly the Carmike Cinema) and planning to hold services there once renovations are completed. According to Philip Lehman, lead pastor for Discover Point Church, the former theater is still in need of renovations, although the exterior will reportedly end up as the “prettiest part of the building.” Nevertheless, as no church’s interior should ever be neglected, pastors make the rounds of suppliers with various church pews for sale and other types of church furniture like lecterns and altars to properly spruce up a Sacristy or church interior.

Businesses like Covenant Church Furniture offer various furniture types meant for places of worship; they could also be your church pew refinishing choice to give your existing church pews or furniture a new look. Such businesses also offer a variation of church pews that can be customized and configured to suit the needs and preferences of every client. They are also available in different body styles, pew end styles, and extra designs to guaranteed a wide range of choices..

However, as in choosing home decorations and furniture, there are important things to consider when choosing church pews. When it comes to space, for example, you have to determine the dimensions of the room, and the appropriate size of pews that would suit it. There are instances, though, when church pews can make the church look too congested, so you may want to think about church chairs as an alternative.

Seating and back options must also be considered when choosing the perfect church pews for your church. Seating options include high resiliency (HR) foam, spring seating, and individual seating; the latter of which happens to be the easiest to clean and to replace. On the other hand, back options include all-wood pews, upholstered seats with wood backs, and upholstered seats with tapered or two piece cushion backs.

Church pews come in various designs, from the traditional ones to contemporary; custom-made ones are also available to suit your requirements. Your choice in seating can be both pleasing to the eyes and the back as long as you choose the right church pew. Remember to take your time and consider every option.

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