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Balancing Comfort and Utility with the Right Church Chairs in Place

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An article on the Anniston Star website interviews various pastors and churchgoers in Alabama and asks them about why a lot of people tend to doze off in the middle of a service. Congregants are expected to actively participate in worship, yet there are times when they can’t help but fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion and various other factors. Some pastors don’t take offense at such behavior, and offer the following reasons why:

Sleepy PewsBut Minish also concedes the reality that faces everyone in his congregation. It’s not out of disrespect that some get sleepy in church. It’s a natural reaction to one of the rare chances many get to sit still and, in a way, relax.

“No one gives everything they have every moment of the day, and worship is no different,” he says. “Every minister hopes their parishioners are worshipping well every Sunday, but sometimes just being present is all that they have to offer. That’s ok. It’s the rhythm of the Christian life.”

Priests and ministers concerned about their lethargic parishioners should consider the state of their church chairs or pews. Appropriate church chairs are supposed to be functional and adequately comfortable yet not too relaxing as to lull churchgoers into sleep. In other words, seating accommodations in church should help congregants worship without sacrificing basic comfort.

There’s more to selecting the right church chairs than just height or material. Those in charge should also consider more explicit needs such as spacing, budget, and seat placement, among other factors. Craftsmanship and aesthetics also play into determining which church seats are more appropriate for a certain place of worship.

Church officials might also have to decide between using regular chairs or pews. For instance, pews might be more appropriate for locations that draw larger crowds. In short, there are many seating options available to churches that fulfill strict specifications.

When it comes to quality church furniture, you may want to consider what a specialty retailer like Covenant Church Furniture has to offer. Whether you’re in need of pews, gallery seats, or choir chairs, be sure to find a vendor that offers an extensive catalog of church furniture designs and convenient bulk order options.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Sleepy in the Pews, Anniston Star, October 19, 2013)

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