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Choosing the Best Color for Your Religious Space Before Church Chairs

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Designs for religious spaces today are no longer limited to archaic motifs like the flying buttresses and clustered columns of old. In fact, contemporary religious interior designs target a new range of artistic sensibilities. However, many still tend to water down their selections and revert to a neutral scheme to get everyone to agree; the problem is that although playing it safe does have its merits, it can be quite boring.

An article by Sandy Stone in refers to this practice as the “Everything is Beige” syndrome. She says that this is why color must be considered from the very beginning of the design process—long before you’ve chosen the appropriate church chairs to use. She advises that the church assigns a color committee made of three to four qualified persons who will work with the architect or interior designer to understand the impact of color on the church’s design.

Assess the space

The color committee needs to examine the church interior closely, and take particular note of all features. For instance, if red brick is prevalent, then a color that complements red must be chosen. If there is detailed tile work, then the colors on it must be taken into consideration as well.

Where to start

Earthy tones and muted colors create a sense of peace, and yes, beige belongs to these colors. While they are a good place to start, the overall design should not begin and end with them. Instead, base colors should be balanced with brighter colors to create different moods. Think of combining a base color with a cool blue or green, warm red or orange, or intense purples.

After you have chosen your colors, paint a few color swatches on some of the interior surfaces. Ideally, your swatch should be several brushes wide to give you an idea of which colors work best. Look at the paint swatches in different lights—this will help you choose the colors which will set the right tone in your religious space.

The importance of choosing the right color

Unlike restaurants or shopping centers, churches don’t often have the luxury of updating their interiors on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important for the color committee to select those that will stand the test of time. Be wary about using colors that are really popular at the moment, as they may quickly become dated.

Once the church interior has been painted, that’s when you can go about choosing the furniture for it. You don’t have to worry about the wood color though, as you can always paint it completely or stain it in another color. For a wide array of church furniture types to choose from, visit businesses like Covenant Church Furniture.

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