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Church Pews for Sale: Factors to Consider During Church Renovations

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A congregation in Henrietta, New York reopened its recently renovated 200-year old church and celebrated the return of the 115-year old bell to its tower. While the congregation had always wanted to bring back the original aesthetic feel of the church, the call for renovations was made due to more pragmatic reasons. According to a Democrat & Chronicle article:

Henrietta ChurchThe original church at Lehigh Station and East Henrietta roads burned to the ground Jan. 26, 1867. Within six months, the congregation had laid the cornerstone for a new building, the First Congregational Church of Henrietta. That building served until 1966, when the current church on Lehigh Station Road was opened.

More recently, attendance has grown sharply enough that the congregation lacked space for Sunday school and other activities, the Rev. David Inglis said.

“We reached a critical mass of young families and they invited their friends, and it had a snowball effect,” he said.

Similar churches throughout the country that are up for renovation may also have need of custom wooden church pews for sale, like those offered by trusted a church furniture manufacturer and supplier such as Covenant Church Furniture. Church pews in the right styles and dimensions impart a more reverent feel and a sense of permanence to a place of worship.

Interestingly, churchgoers during the Middle Ages either had to bring their own seating or else remain standing throughout Mass. Back then, only the more affluent churches could afford pews, and even these were little more than a step up from ordinary wooden benches. In time, stronger materials like oak became the material of choice for durable and tastefully designed church pews.

Regardless of design or material, wooden church pews need to be treated with high-quality wood finishes to extend their service life spans. Lacquer is a popular wood finish because it dries quickly and can be applied on a variety of wood surfaces. Meanwhile, varnishes mixed with resins are also preferred because they give wood added resistance to heat, moisture, and solvents found in wood stains.

The choice of varnish largely depends on the intended use for each piece of church furniture. Alkyd varnish is best used for indoor church furniture, while phenolic varnish is ideal for outdoor furniture. Meanwhile, for quality church pew refinishing and restoration services, trust no less than the experts such as Covenant Church Furniture.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Henrietta church renovations keep past in mind, Democrat & Chronicle, November 16, 2013)

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