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Church Pews for Sale: Rebuilding & Refurnishing Bethesda Baptist Church

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Last week, the 91-year old sanctuary of the Bethesda Baptist Church in Carrollton, Georgia burned down. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined by investigators. Rev. Mike Owenby, the church’s pastor, said that the loss would probably be “tough for some of the older members who have a lot of memories.”

At 7 PM on the same day the fire broke out, parishioners held their usual prayer service, although this time, members spent time sharing their fond memories of the old sanctuary. “We have the other building that we’ve been meeting in for a while now. We won’t have as many rooms as we did, but we should be able to carry on,” Rev. Owenby explained. Churches that have faced similar tragedies will definitely need the services of companies that offer affordable church pews for sale, like Covenant Church Furniture.
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Thankfully, offers of support have poured in from various groups and individuals, including churches affiliated with the Carrollton Baptist Association and the Georgia Baptist Convention . “Almost every pastor in the association has touched base with me to see what they can do to help,” says Rev. Owenby. Although an 11 AM service was held on Sunday, there was no Sunday school due to the lack of available rooms.

While the congregation of Bethesda Baptist Church will eventually have to examine their options when it comes to reconstructing the church’s facilities and resuming activities, right now, Rev. Owenby’s primary concern is the documents that were destroyed by the fire. “The really old records are stored in various places, so they survived. But the records of the last 20 to 30 years are gone,” he explained.

Moreover, since the cause of the fire is still under investigation, Rev. Owenby will not proceed with any reconstruction plans until findings have been released by officials. On the other hand, once the insurance investigation is concluded and the settlement is released, the congregation of Bethesda Baptist Church will definitely proceed with rebuilding plans. This, of course, will include the replacement of the church’s destroyed furniture and seating.

Companies that specialize in manufacturing church furniture and seating, as well as periodic church pew refinishing, like Covenant Church Furniture, can offer their services to such congregations. Representatives can coordinate with church committees to ensure that all furnishings and pews are fabricated to meet specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Older church pews and church seats can also be refinished and reupholstered to restore them to like-new condition.

Such companies can also design and produce communion tables, pulpits, chancels, and baptistries. These functional pieces can transform any sanctuary into an authentic house of worship. This way, the activities of the congregation can resume, and the church can continue being a guiding light to the community.

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