Fire Protection and Church Seating Strategies

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Attending church allows the faithful to adore and give thanks to the Lord for His grace and generosity, express remorse and contrition for wrongdoings, or even petition for various needs and concerns that require the intervention of the Almighty. Well-conducted church rites and services uplift devotees, and provide them with the spiritual nourishment they need.

Churches or praise halls, however, can be potential fire hazards. The recent fire at a Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil nightclub that resulted in over 200 deaths prompted a religious denomination to evaluate all the fires that occurred at its churches and schools over a five-year period. The research found many discrepancies. Ministers or clergymen who wish to ensure the safety of their congregants when in church should be forward looking when procuring efficient church seating. Apart from being suitably sturdy, the furniture should also be designed to facilitate evacuation of the entire assembly in the event of an emergency. Church seating specialists like Covenant Church Furniture are ready to help.


The most basic seating associated with churches are pews. Fire Code regulations state that a long pew should have enough space to seat 15 people, with around two feet laterally allotted to each person. As much as possible, the distance between one pew’s cap rail to that of an adjacent pew must be at least three feet; the clearance is needed for rapid exit in case of emergency. If the place of worship has chairs, these must have flame-resistant upholstery and fabrics.


You should also map out evacuation diagrams, and install fire-fighting equipment in the hall. The fire exits should be clearly marked, and be free of obstructions to ensure safe passage. Fire exits should be clearly marked to enable the congregation to locate them in the unlikely event that evacuation is needed.


If budgetary constraints have caused a church to procure used pews from an older church that either closed down or renovated, this furniture can be properly rehabilitated by experts. Pew refinishing services can be contracted to restore old pews to their original splendor and robustness. Furniture specialists can also strip down the pews and rebuild them, repairing misaligned kneelers in the process.


Getting fire-resistant pews and chairs is a good investment for any church or assembly hall. Coupled with various safety features, they will enhance the level of comfort and peace worshippers often attend services for.
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