Four Steps to Choosing the Best Church Seating for Your Congregation

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The degree of comfort from church seating provided by companies like Covenant Church Furniture can spell the difference between attentive congregates and those who are too busy sleeping to pay attention to sermons. Church pews are among the biggest expenses of a church, so buying these items isn’t something that can be taken lightly.


Choose the Pew Style Appropriate for Your Church

Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches lean towards wooden pews or pews with upholstered seats, while you’ll find fully upholstered pews in most Baptist churches. You’re free to deviate from these general rules as long as the pews still suit your church’s style in terms of architecture and worship. Consider how the pews will be arranged inside the church (e.g. will the rows be in a straight or V-shaped line?). Consider the type of wood as well; many church pews are constructed from particle board or engineered lumber.


Choose Durable Upholstery

Chair fabrics can likewise influence the overall atmosphere inside a church. Ask for a sample of the fabric, and evaluate its print and color. Different colors have different religious significance. For example, violet symbolizes the kingliness of Christ, while red represents the Holy Spirit. Aside from the design, consider how comfortable this material will be for congregates and how easy it will be to maintain with pew refinishing methods.


Don’t Forget the Pew Ends


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At first glance, pew ends seem to be only decorative. However, pew ends that have arm rests can provide more comfort to an attendee, while “endless” or open-ended pews are suitable for more crowded churches, as attendees can easily get into their seats. You may even incorporate church-specific designs into pew ends.

Consider Whether You Need Pew Bench Accessories

You may find pews that do more than seat your attendees. Kneelers can come in handy for attendees who constantly kneel and pray, such as those from the Roman Catholic faith. Likewise, if the attendees need to store items like donation envelopes, they’ll find card holders useful.
Last, but certainly not the least, find church pews for sale that have guaranteed quality and workmanship. In your church, you’ll meet salespeople who’ll do a presentation for your building committee and give you sample pews. Don’t forget to do a background check on your vendor before you buy from them.


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