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How to Choose Different Church Pews for Sale

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A news article written by Lindsay Peyton last October 15 for reported on a Catholic church building that was recently renovated with the help of the church goers, including Sylvia Cameron, who helped build two baptismal fonts for the church. The article says, “Saints Simon and Jude Catholic Parish in The Woodlands had a humble beginning. It was 33 years ago that the founding members began gathering at Knox Junior High.”

Area CatholicThe church found its permanent home in 1981, however, and is now being remodeled. According to the article, “Construction has been under way at Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic Parish – and Cameron is helping to design a new baptismal and is busy painting portraits of the apostles and Jesus to hang on the walls.” Aside from this, the church is also updating its fire sprinkler system, adding bathrooms, a bride and groom room, and so much more.

However, one of the main concerns of the church is its pews; and according to their current leader, Father Pat Garrett, “…seating at the church is no longer adequate. The church has grown from about 400 original members to 3,800 families.” In fact, some people are even standing at the back or in the side aisles. The congregation, which is currently having services in McCullough Junior High, moved back to their newly renovated church on October 19.

While there could be various church pews for sale in the market, research and sound judgment are needed to determine the furniture that best suits your church and the needs of the congregation. When choosing church pews, different factors should be considered, like the seating options, which includes options like high resiliency foam, spring seating, and individual seating.

Sturdy wooden church pews are easy to maintain; and lend a traditional ambiance to the church. Upholstered seating can provide extra comfort to the user; while a two piece cushion back can help reduce the uncomfortable feeling in one’s back while sitting for long periods.

Church pews are an important factor in the over-all church architecture and design, as witnessed in the more beautifully constructed churches all over the world. Church furniture suppliers like Covenant Church Furniture offer quality pieces like pews and chairs made of the highest quality materials that can match the style and personality of any church.

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