Important Factors to Consider when Selecting Quality Church Seating

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In the early part of 2012, a historic church in England, in an effort to increase its dwindling attendance, replaced its Victorian wooden seating with plastic chairs to accommodate different events like concerts and plays. This move, however, infuriated many churchgoers, and it didn’t take long before they went back to pews, proving that traditional can win over contemporary. Traditional church seating may seem outdated, but there are ways to ensure that it keeps up with modern times. Here is how it can be done:

Seating Space

When choosing church seating, it’s important to remember that the congregation must have visibility of the clergy and the chancel. The spacing between the rows of pews must be wide enough for the parishioners to go in and out of their seats with ease. Based on life safety codes, the pew length must be able to seat 14 or 15 people maximum so they can easily be evacuated in case of an emergency.



A church helps in strengthening communities, and there are some churches which have opened their doors to other events like weddings, plays, concerts, and even meetings. For this reason, church seating must be flexible to serve these other purposes. To create more space for these events, the pews must be movable instead of being permanently attached to the floor; they should be made, preferably, of wood or metal.



The church architecture is an important factor when deciding on church seating. Pews made of solid wood like Northern Red Oak are best for traditional-style churches. A maker of church furniture like Covenant Church Furniture can make beautifully crafted wooden pews using computerized design technology. Custom engraving can also be added to make the pews even more unique by matching the design and personality of the church.



Pews come in different body styles, all of which must contribute to a churchgoer’s comfort; otherwise, he may end up fidgeting during the service or homily. Some church furniture manufacturers offer pews with seat cushions and high back support. Kneelers should also be comfortable for parishioners, and padding can be installed for that purpose.



If existing pews are still in good condition, a church may opt to have these restored to their original beauty through pew refinishing services. Pews can be upholstered or reupholstered, resized and fitted with new kneelers.

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