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Looking for Church Pews for Sale? Some Vital Things You Need to Know

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One of the many details that make Christian churches timeless are the pews that line their length. This is most prominent in the great ancient cathedrals whose designs are still integrated even into today’s many sturdy church pews for sale. Just what is it about this seat that makes it stand out among almost all types of furniture, ancient and modern alike?

The PartsKneelers

One of the most integral parts of a church pew is the kneeler, an attachment that allows worshipers to kneel whenever their prayer or religious celebration calls for it. Many pews have kneelers that are kept fixed in place, while others can be pulled up and retracted when needed. Moreover, there are traditional kneelers that are bare wood (or whatever material the pew is made of), and there are others that have cushions on them.


The ends of a church pew can be plain, or they can be filled with carvings ranging from simple cross emblems to images that denote the Christian faith and its history. Some pew ends can even be decorated with Biblical symbolism, such as emblems of the Four Evangelists (lion, ox, eagle and man).

Backs and Seats

An article from enunciates how the backs and the seats themselves add a unique flair to church pew design:

Simple pews have wooden seats and wooden backs that match the pew ends. Where congregations favor some comfort for worshipers, they add a seat pad and sometimes a padded seat back.. Seat and back padding tends to be durable and long-wearing and attractively upholstered in muted colors.

Other Attachments

Pews from your local church chair company like Covenant Church Furniture come in a wide array of other attachments that you can have customized based on the needs of your congregation. For example: you can put in book holders that the faithful can use to steady their Bibles and hymnals throughout the service. You should also have a separately-designed seat for the front pew.

A pew may be an important part of what makes your church look grand, but it is also integral in how much comfort the people in your congregation will experience. Choose to buy only well-designed, comfortable, and stylish pews that are the perfect match for your church interiors.

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