Church Pews for Sale – Styles & Accessories

Covenant Church Furniture manufactures solid wood church furniture and offers church pews for sale. Our quality and craftsmanship cannot beat! All the representatives at Covenant Church Furniture work to ensure each of our church pews for sale will coordinate with your new or existing design plan. With the help of innovative computerized design technology, the end product will speak for itself. We stand firmly behind our product 100 percent from start to finish.

There are a variety of church pews for sale that can be molded and customized into whatever you are in need of. We have a large assortment of pew body styles, pew end styles and extra design details and accessories. Our seating is guaranteed to be beautiful, durable and the perfect fit for your church’s unique décor. Aid in the comfort of your church congregation by opting for a seating upgrade. Choose from an abundance of seat cushions and back support options. With so many different alternatives in our church pews for sale, your end design will indefinitely match the style and personality of your congregation.Adding the extra details and accessories to your pew designs can really go a long way! Give any of our church pews for sale a unique look to put your congregation’s design above the rest. Dress up your pew end with a classic look or top cap. Select from five different bookrack designs such as traditional, curved or a combination holder. If you’re in need of kneelers, we can install padded kneelers that will match your pew upholstery. Finally, add custom engraving to any of the church pews for sale. Our engraving equipment allows you to choose a unique design – from traditional to contemporary – or provide a custom design of your choice. Your church seating can truly be a one a kind creation if you decide to work with Covenant Church Furniture.

Customized & Unique Church Pews

At Covenant Church Furniture, one of the leading church furniture suppliers, we offer a wide selection of wooden church pews and church furniture for sale. We offer superior craftsmanship and quality that is unsurpassed. When you choose Covenant Church Furniture for your needs, our team will work with you to find the right color and style so that it perfectly matches your current or potential design scheme.

We use the latest and most innovative computer design technology to create and manufacture a dynamic product. We are proud of the work and the products we create. We offer one of the widest selections of church furniture around. So naturally when you are looking for church chairs for sale or church pews we want to be the one and only name that you turn to.

With a large assortment of church pews available we have the body style, pew ends and accessories that you need. We feature some of the most beautiful and durable designs that will give you that one-of-a-kind look. Your church congregation needs comfort. To accommodate we offer a seating upgrade that will enhance your pews. With a variety of seat cushions and options for full back support, we will provide you with comfortable seating for your church members.

With just the right touches you can enhance your church pews for long term enjoyment. When you’re looking for church chairs for sale and church pews, add other options like pew ends that come in the traditional look or ones with a top cap. You can also enhance the pews with over 5 different bookrack designs including the traditional rack, a curved look, or a combination.

For those special moments of reflection and prayer, we can also include matching kneelers that will blend perfectly with your pew design. With a padded construction, your kneelers are not only stylish but also comfortable. Want to thank a valuable member of the church or community? You can do so with custom engraving on all of our church pew designs.

With our top of the line engraving equipment you can choose the one-of-a-kind engraving that will stand out. You can choose from traditional or contemporary fonts. At Covenant Church Furniture, we understand that you have choices when it comes to buying your church furniture. However, we want our name to be the name you know and trust. From our family to yours, we want to welcome you to a whole new way of designing the church pews you’ve always wanted.