Pew Body Styles

Comfortable Church Chairs

Covenant Church Furniture has a large assortment of church chairs to fit within any church congregation. All of our products include the Covenant Church Furniture 100% quality and craftsmanship guarantee. This ensures each of our church chairs meets the high standards of premium design we place behind them.
One of our most popular church chair furniture products includes the many pew body selections and styles we have available. To start, select a pew body based on the needs of your congregation. Our representatives will help you define the comfort expectation at your church. This is part of your initial consultation, which comes free of charge. No matter what you decide on, there are a number of universal factors applied to all of our pew body styles. Standard construction features include: support legs made from solid Northern Red Oak, pews support up to 72 inches in length and rounded edges with no sharp corners. Complete your church chairs with a pew end style that matches the personality and aesthetic of your congregation and church décor. All of our furniture comes finished with hand rub stain. This gives deep grain definition and a smooth, clear look to church chairs.


For added consistency throughout your congregation, match your pew body selections to our assortment of choir chairs. Standard with all our choir church chairs is under-seat bookracks. There is an array of styles, sizes and varying cushion options to pick from, making our furniture ideal for a large number of applications. Frame color varieties for church chairs include: natural oak, fruitwood, dark maple, mahogany, pecan and walnut.


Whatever your choice may be, all of our furniture and church chairs come with a lacquer finish to withstand a great degree of wear and tear. We know that durability is one of the key factors in keeping our customers coming back. Because of this, all of our church chairs are built with the concept of lasting long and enduring more. Let Covenant Church Furniture help with whatever your congregation needs may be and you’ll quickly see why our customers continually turn to us for quality church chairs, furniture and more!



Pew Body 1

Pew Body 1 (4 views)

Fully-upholstered 3″ foam seats and 1″ foam backs.
Fully-upholsterd pew backs.
Shown with ergonomic back upgrade. Pew End: C-303

Pew Body 2

Pew Body 2 (5 views)

Fully-upholsterd 3″ foam seats and 1″ foam backs. Exposed and finished solid-oak backs. Pew End: H-102-S

Pew Body 3

Pew Body 3 (3 views)

Fully-upholstered 3″ foam seats. Exposed and finished solid-oak backs. Pew End: T-203

Pew Body 4

Pew Body 4 (3 views)

All solid-oak seats and backs. Pew End: H-100-S