Questions to Ask Yourself before Purchasing Church Seating and Other Furniture

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As a leader in your church, you’re responsible in making sure that every single one of your parishioners remains faithful and devoted. Hence, you’d want to guarantee their comfort and provide a pleasing environment where they can praise and worship. So, if you’re planning to purchase new church seating or other types of church furniture, you’ll have to ask yourself the following questions before making that investment.


What’s your building’s architecture?


Take a look at your church’s structure and design. Is it a traditional church where elegantly carved wooden pews would fit in nicely? Or is it a contemporary building that goes well with simple and cushioned metal chairs? Matching your furniture with your church’s architecture can elicit a sense of balance and harmony.


Do you have enough space?


When you look up the product list of church furniture manufacturers like Covenant Church Furniture, you’ll have hundreds of choices. While browsing through their inventory, think about how much space you can allot for specific items. Do you need long pews or individual chairs that can be stacked after a service? Pick the types of furniture that won’t make your place of worship appear cramped and disorganized.


Who will be using the furniture?


The demographic of church goers usually depends on the location of your church. For instance, if you’re in an area where the population is mostly comprised of retirees or older adults, opt for more comfortable church chairs. On the other hand, if your parishioners are mainly families with young children, it’s advisable to have furniture that’s childproof and stain-resistant.


Do you want to customize the pews and pulpit?


Unity is important in every group, and symbols play an important role in organizations. Thus, you might want to consider engraving your solid wood furniture with a custom design or logo. You can have the sides of wooden pews or the outer surface of your pulpit carved with the image of a dove, cross, or whatever you prefer.


Your church is a haven that should exude a warm and welcoming atmosphere. By asking yourself the questions stated above, it will be easier for you to decide on which furniture will go well with the interior design and parishioner demographic. Essentially, you’ll need fixtures and furnishings that are practical, comfortable, and inspiring.



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