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Should Your Congregation Stay with Traditional Wooden Church Pews?

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the-last-days-of-the-church-pewPews have been an integral part of the Christian religious landscape for centuries, but their role in churches seems to be changing as more and more churches in the U.S. are opting for chairs instead. A Savannah Now article relates one particular instance when a church chose modern chairs over traditional church pews for sale:

When the Rev. Charles P. Roberson moved his congregation into a new building on Tibet Avenue, leaders decided to freshen up the appearance and worship style of the former Southside Assembly of God building. They sold their 35 heavy, wooden pews to a start-up church in Springfield and replaced them with metal-and-fabric chairs that fall somewhere between folding chairs and theater seats. “It’s more important to us to be able to use the facility for multiple purposes,” said Roberson. And, with more than a third of its congregation being under age 18, the contemporary look of chairs suited them fine.

Nevertheless, some churches would rather stick to what they’re used to. At Springfield United Methodist Church, in particular, the congregation prefers to remain traditional, so when the church decided it was time to replace their old pews, they stayed with the traditional wooden church pews of old.

So why do some churches choose to use modern seating and forgo traditional pews? The bottom line is that churches want to minimize remodeling costs, maximize space usability with flexible seating, or create a more modern atmosphere to draw in unchurched young people. Modern church seating is able to address all these contemporary church concerns.

According to manufacturers and contractors, 75 to 80 percent of new church construction choose chairs over pews. That being said, no matter how much the views of churchgoers on seating evolve, there will always be those who want to uphold tradition. Thankfully, there are furniture companies that are able to address the needs of proponents and opponents alike.

Furniture companies like Covenant Church Furniture offer a variety of seating options that can be customized and molded into whatever your church needs. You’ll have plenty of choices regarding pew body styles, pew end styles, and even the accessories and embellishments they come with, so no matter what type of seating your congregations decides on, you can be sure your church gets the seating that’s right for it.

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