Trends in Church Furniture

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The latest trends in church furniture include pew/chair fabric colors, and pulpit designs. These trends definitely change with time, and it can be a good idea to pay attention to these changes. What makes these trends fluctuate, and more importantly, where can you find church furniture that match the latest in church furniture designs?

Colors, Colors, Colors!

For 2013, the trends have stayed fairly stable with colors in the blue and purple categories. Maroon, Navy Blue and Brown have been the top choices of late. These are strong colors that intend to make a statement! They encourage your congregation to have a seat, and get ready to learn. With bright and bold colors such as these, your upcoming fall influx will feel right at home. Covenant Church Furniture has more colors available than you’ll know what to do with, and partners with local textiles to ensure season color availability.

Sanctuary Seating

The trend in seating this year has steadily moved to chairs over pews. With the vast majority of churches turning in their pews for the far more comfortable chairs that are also more affordable Church chairs range from theater-style to classic sturdy cushioned seats. The stackable quality of these chairs makes it a wise choice for sanctuaries that need space for various functions throughout the week. Pews make a statement about the stable quality of the sanctuary setup, however. Despite this fact, chairs are quickly becoming the seating of choice for sanctuaries across the nation, and ultimately allow for more seating in a crowded room. Wood and metal chairs are available at your local Covenant Church Furniture store, as well as the up and coming standard of theatre seating.


This piece of furniture is an important part of your sanctuary. As the staple location of your leader, this piece makes a statement. Whether large or small, pulpits are a necessary work of art. This year, larger pulpits are making a come-back. Wider bases that span 3 to 4 feet are the standard in 2013, proving how churches value the stage presence of their leadership. Moving away from the simplistic and acrylic versions, traditional large wood pieces are taking control of the pulpit train. It’s a good thing your local Covenant Church Furniture store carries the new trends and more!

Your Trendy Solution

Covenant Church Furniture carries the new trends for 2013, and so much more. We want to help you find the perfect solution for your church furniture needs. By carrying great styles that tailor to individual sanctuaries, as well as the style movement for this year, you can’t go wrong! With color, design, and product availability, we can be your church furniture distributor for years to come.



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